Live Tracker| Find Sim details with Location

A live tracker is a tool designed to locate an individual’s number using their SIM details. Our online platform (live-tracker.net) offers this tool free of charge to its Pakistani citizens. However, it is exclusively for telecom numbers within Pakistan for all networks. Moreover, the live tracker accesses real-time data from a SIM database online to track individuals. It operates through various online sim information systems. With the live tracker, you can monitor a person's movements, messages, calls, and more. Simply enter the person's CNIC card number or sim number to initiate live tracking.

Live tracker| Along with “Sim Database Online”

In our modern world, mobile numbers are utmost important, making it easier to track individuals using their phone numbers. Live-tracker.net offers an advanced live tracker system, enabling users to trace any registered SIM number across all telecom operators.

Hence, this tool serves various purposes, such as ensuring the safety of loved ones, monitoring employees for corporate entities, and enhancing personal security. Our sim information system ensures a seamless user experience with its user-friendly interface for accessing the "live tracker" tool.

How does the "Live Tracker" function? Web-based tools and applications for live tracking utilize GPS technology to pinpoint the real-time location of an individual. These tools work in tandem with devices designed for live location tracking. To utilize this functionality, you simply enter either the mobile number or CNIC of the person you wish to track.

With the our sim information system users can easily access important sim information related to SIM owners. This encompasses the call history, both outgoing and incoming call records, and additional device details such as the IMEI number and live location. This feature proves especially beneficial in situations involving lost or stolen mobile phones, enabling users to track their device's whereabouts efficiently.

Live-tracker.net offers an advanced live tracker tool, providing instant access to essential information related to a SIM mobile number. With this tool, you can monitor the activities of individuals and track their phone usage in real-time. Utilizing the Live Tracker is straightforward, requiring only adherence to simple rules and instructions to fetch sim owner details.

The Live Tracker tool proves invaluable in several scenarios:

  • Locating Lost or Stolen Phones: In the unfortunate event of a lost or stolen mobile phone, the Live Tracker helps in pinpointing its whereabouts, facilitating its recovery.
  • Ensuring the Safety of Loved Ones: Parents can use the Live Tracker to ensure the safety of their children and loved ones by monitoring their mobile phone activity and whereabouts.
  • Employee Monitoring: Employers can utilize the Live Tracker to keep a watchful eye on employees or workers, ensuring productivity and adherence to company policies.

Live Tracker| via “CNIC Information system”

The Live Tracker with the use of CNIC information system provides access to the sim database online linked with the CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) holder. This sim database online is maintained by NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority), an independent government institute responsible for storing citizen data and issuing CNIC cards in Pakistan. Through this tool, individuals can obtain sensitive information regarding CNIC cardholders.

However, our platform offers the "live tracker" for assisting citizens without requiring any formalities. To utilize this service, users simply enter a mobile number, enabling them to retrieve all details associated with the CNIC cardholder.

Reliability of our “Sim Database online”

Our platform offers a dependable approach to accessing SIM owner details through its live tracker tool. This tool proves invaluable for identifying unknown individuals swiftly and conveniently. However, it is important to acknowledge that occasional errors may occur within the system. These errors can stem from the diverse resources from which our database collects sim information. Therefore, it is advisable to verify the provided data from alternative sources to mitigate the risk of inaccuracies.

Additionally, it is essential to note that sim database online has designed the live tracker system exclusively for legitimate purposes to get location along with sim owner details. Any misuse of this tool for illegal activities, such as harassment, is strictly prohibited. We prioritize ethical usage and compliance with legal regulations to ensure a safe and responsible online environment.

Live Tracker| Get Number Details

This tool (live tracker) offered is a potent online resource, facilitating access to detailed information about individuals in Pakistan. With this tool, users can obtain comprehensive sim owner details associated with any telecom number, including the name, address, CNIC card details, and more, regardless of the location within Pakistan. Moreover, this live tracking service is provided free of charge to all users.

This service serves an important purpose in assisting individuals in identifying unknown callers who may engage in fraudulent activities or attempt blackmail through mobile phones. By providing access to such information, our sim information system aims to empower users to safeguard themselves against potential threats and fraudulent schemes perpetrated via telecommunications.

Live Tracker| with GPS Location

If you have misplaced your mobile phone, fret not! We have a solution that requires neither extensive effort nor expenditure to get location via live tracker. Our live tracker, coupled with GPS technology, enables you to locate your phone's live position effortlessly. However, for successful tracking, your phone must have an active SIM card inserted. This comprehensive solution resolves all your concerns by furnishing SIM details, facilitating the swift location of your device.

Our live tracker stands out as the premier choice for all your tracking needs. Design by our experts, this online tool surpasses the competition in its ability to trace mobile numbers, unveil sim owner details, and facilitate person tracking, alongside a myriad of other tracking functionalities. What sets us apart is the seamless user experience, there's no need to install additional systems on your device to access our tracker tools to fetch sim owner details.

Moreover, we have elevated our tracking tools with cutting-edge enhancements, including a GPS location system. This advancement significantly enhances the precision and efficacy of our tracking capabilities, ensuring that you can trace and track with unparalleled accuracy and reliability.


In the article above, you will get knowledge for the use of live tracker and how it effectively addresses your needs. Live-tracker.net has crafted a cutting-edge tracking system harnessing state-of-the-art GPS technology. With our tracking tool at your disposal, you gain access to a wealth of information about individuals, including their name, address, SIM owner details, and precise location. This comprehensive tool not only aids in retrieving lost phones but also facilitates tracking individuals.

What sets us apart is our commitment to keeping our system current, ensuring that our online SIM database remains a reliable and accurate resource. With each update, we strive to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our tracking capabilities, empowering our users with the most precise and dependable tracking solution available.