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Live-tracker.net offers 'Pak Sim Data,' a service fulfilling to users seeking sim ownership details about registered SIM numbers within Pakistan. Pak Sim Data provides comprehensive sim details regarding SIM ownership, including the owner's name, SIM number, and other relevant information.
Hence, iIf you find yourself continuously bothered or annoyed by an unknown mobile number, you may wish to ascertain the SIM details associated with it. In such cases, simply visit our platform for using our sim database online to uncover the sim owner details of the SIM in question

How Can I know Sim Owner Details for free?

A SIM card stands as a important chip containing vital information belonging to its owner, typically issued by mobile service providers or companies. This information focuses the owner's name, address, phone number, SIM card serial number, and notably, the CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number, a key identifier registered with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).
Provider companies and regulatory authorities maintain such sim owner details primarily for tracking SIM ownership, especially in instances of fraud or inconvenience. In this context, Pak Sim Data, offered by "live-tracker.net," serves as a resource for accessing comprehensive "sim owner details" for legitimate purposes using sim database online.
Moreover, regulatory bodies mandate the retention of SIM information for broader safety and security objectives, ensuring responsible mobile phone usage within the country. This regulatory oversight contributes to maintaining a secure telecommunications environment and aids in law enforcement efforts when necessary.

Who we are| live-tracker.net

Live-tracker.net offers a robust platform designed to assist users in obtaining SIM owner details across Pakistan efficiently. Through Pak Sim Data, users gain access to a versatile toolset, streamlining various services accessible with a single click via the "sim database online" feature.
Below are some key services provided to retrieve SIM information:

  • Sim Information System: This feature provides a comprehensive tool to retrieve SIM ownership details. Users can easily discern the name of the SIM owner along with other pertinent information associated with the network they are using, all through our sim database online.
  • live-tracker.net for Location Retrieval: Another valuable tool available is the "live tracker" feature provided by live-tracker.net. This tool allows users to locate lost or stolen cell phones, or even individuals, through tracking services offered free of charge. Utilize this service effortlessly through live-tracker.net.

These services not only empower users to ascertain SIM ownership details but also offer additional functionalities like location tracking, enhancing convenience and security in managing mobile devices and associated information.
Wondering how to check your SIM details using your CNIC? Pak Sim Data offers a convenient tool for precisely this purpose. Since SIM cards are registered with CNIC numbers under the supervision of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), our platform enables you to effortlessly verify SIMs associated with a specific CNIC. This feature ensures transparency and accountability in SIM ownership.
Curious about the information stored on your SIM card? Our website, live-tracker.net, is committed to delivering top-notch services while upholding stringent quality standards for sim database online. We prioritize providing our users with high-quality content and strive to exceed expectations by adding value to their experience. Moreover, protecting our users' privacy is paramount. That's why we implement advanced end-to-end encryption protocols to ensure the security of your data. At Live-tracker.net, we prioritize the safety and security of our cherished customers. With our platform, you can rest assured that your privacy is protected, and stringent safety measures are in place to safeguard your information throughout your interaction with our services.

Can I know on whose name is Sim registered?

Looking to uncover sim owner details about an unknown number? Look no further than "Pak Sim Data" for locating the owner details associated with that mysterious number. We offer a trusted solution for accessing SIM information system, especially for numbers causing disturbance or concern.
Our platform provides a free search engine, granting you instant access to SIM ownership details for any number within Pakistan. With our "sim database online," you can swiftly delve into the details of the SIM owner you're curious about, all within seconds.
One of the standout features of our sim database online is its accessibility. Our website can be accessed from anywhere in Pakistan without any limitations, requiring only an active internet connection and a device. Furthermore, to safeguard our users' privacy and security, we employ advanced encryption measures, ensuring that their data remains protected from cyber threats.
live-tracker.net also offers a remarkable feature known as "live tracker," allowing users to easily locate the name and address of the desired SIM cardholder registered with authorized organizations in Pakistan. This real-time information tool enables you to track lost or stolen cell phones, and even locate your loved ones through "person tracker." Using this tool is straightforward: simply enter the IMEI number of the SIM card, and you'll receive details including the owner's name and address. With Pak Sim Data, gaining insights into SIM owner details and tracking information has never been easier or more reliable.


In conclusion, "Pak Sim Data" emerges as an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to uncover details about unknown numbers and SIM ownership within Pakistan. Through our sim database online, users can access a wealth of information swiftly and securely, aided by advanced encryption measures to safeguard their privacy. The convenience of our free search engine and the versatility of features such as "live tracker" exemplify our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for tracking SIM card details and locating lost or stolen devices. With Pak Sim Data, empowering users with knowledge and enhancing their safety and security remains our foremost priority.