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Sim Owner Details: our platform offers a valuable resource for uncovering the sim owner details in Pakistan, made available through "live-tracker.net". In today's world, receiving calls or messages from unknown numbers is not uncommon, and it raises concerns about safety and privacy. To address this, it's essential to have a reliable method to identify suspicious individuals.
That's where “live-tracker.net” comes in to provide sim owner details. Our platform provides access to a comprehensive sim database online, allowing users to easily search for sim details associated with any telecom number. Our service is free to use, ensuring accessibility for all citizens of Pakistan.
Moreover, our website is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that users can navigate and utilize our tools without any prior expertise. With our sim database online, you can confidently unveil the identities behind unknown numbers, promoting safety and peace of mind in an increasingly connected world.
To explore SIM owner details, use “sim database online”, an online search engine specifically designed for accessing sim details of registered numbers in Pakistan. This user-friendly website offers a multitude of features, ensuring a straightforward experience in obtaining sim owner information. We exclusively provide sim details for registered Pakistani citizen's numbers, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
Accessing our sim database online is effortless, users simply need to enter the mobile number or CNIC number, and retrieve the desired information. Our system is regularly updated, guaranteeing access to the latest data for sim details. Furthermore, our platform enables users to verify and authenticate their own SIM numbers, enhancing security and trust in telecommunications.

Services offered via “Pak Sim Info”

Pak Sim info by “live-tracker.net” offers not only essential tools but also a range of other useful features. However, it's important to note that before seeking sim details for any number, it must be registered with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).
Sim Database Online: This tool allows users to discover sim owner details in Pakistan swiftly. Just a few simple steps are required to access the sim information, needing only the mobile number or CNIC of the individual in question. Despite its size, the sim card holds crucial information such as the owner's name, CNIC number, and mobile number.
Live Tracker CF: With this tool, users can trace and locate any number, including lost or stolen sim cards and mobile devices, through GPS tracking. Sim owner details can be retrieved via our online platform with guaranteed accuracy and authenticity, along with multiple features to enhance user experience.
CNIC Information System: Users can also obtain information using an individual's CNIC number, either for informational or verification purposes. Within seconds, sim owner details can be displayed on the screen by providing the 11-digit CNIC number. We prioritize user convenience by offering a straightforward procedure, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our users.

Uses of SIM Database Online

If you're being bothered by calls or texts from suspicious numbers and want to uncover the identity behind them, Pak Sim Info provides an invaluable solution to fetch sim owner details. With our tool, users can effortlessly locate and access information about SIM owners in Pakistan.
Thus, by using sim information system, you can obtain comprehensive sim owner details, including the owner's name, address, and CNIC number of the individual behind the unknown number. Additionally, our service may also furnish details such as whether the sim is currently activated or deactivated, along with the date of activation. With Pak Sim Info, you can regain control and peace of mind by shedding light on the mystery surrounding those pesky or concerning calls and texts.

Advanced Features of Sim Database Online

Our platform “live-tracker.net” is your go-to source for accurate and up-to-date information on sim owner details, including the current owner's name and sim status, as well as other relevant information related to sim cards. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our regular updates to the sim database online, ensuring that our users have access to the most current information available.
Sim Database Online serves as a valuable asset for the citizens of Pakistan, offering a swift and efficient method to obtain sim owner details and check the status of sim cards. This sim database online resource acts as a safeguard against scams, particularly those associated with the black market. By empowering users with access to this wealth of information, Sim Database Online enables consumers to stay vigilant and informed, thereby reducing the risk of falling victim to fraudulent activities. It's a tool that not only provides convenience but also promotes security and awareness among users, contributing to a safer telecommunications environment for all.

Paksim GA

With Paksim GA, users gain access to tracking capabilities for mobile phone numbers, providing a valuable resource for various tracking purposes.

Pakdata ML

This feature enables users to access comprehensive user information, including the sim owner's name and CNIC card number, without the need for any subscription packages. Our search tools are readily available to all users, making information retrieval convenient and hassle-free.

Pakdata CF

Utilize our advanced tool, Paksim CF, featured on “live-tracker.net”, to effortlessly retrieve sim information using a mobile number. This tool is designed to provide users with efficient and effective results, enhancing the user experience on our platform.

How to check the “Sim Database Online”?

Accessing the sim database online can be done through two methods: government resources or online websites like “live-tracker.net”. However, it's important to note that the government route tends to be time-consuming, while our online platform offer a quick and effortless solution to get sim owner details, all at no cost. Here are some advantages of using our “sim information system”:

  • Track any sim owner details: Whether you're trying to identify a caller or verify sim ownership, sim database online provides the tools to track down sim owner details swiftly and efficiently.
  • 100% accurate sim details with no cost to pay: Enjoy the assurance of accurate information without any financial burden. We ensures that users can access sim details reliably and at no cost.
  • Easy-to-use approach for users: With a user-friendly interface, makes it simple for anyone to navigate and utilize the platform to retrieve the information they need.
  • A most authentic way for retrieving sim database online: Trust in the authenticity of the information provided, ensuring that users have access to reliable data for their needs.
  • Secure storage of your data: Rest assured that your data is handled with care and stored securely, prioritizing user privacy and confidentiality.
  • Flexible and convenient data access: Whether you're at home or on the go, we offers flexible access to sim database information, ensuring convenience for users whenever they need it.


In conclusion, live-tracker.net offers a hassle-free solution for swiftly finding SIM owner details of any mobile number, regardless of the network operator in Pakistan. Our SIM information system is intuitively designed, ensuring ease of use for all users, regardless of their level of technical expertise. There are no restrictions imposed on searches, allowing users to utilize the search bar as many times as needed. Whether you have the mobile number or CNIC number of the individual, you can easily search.