Pak Sim Info| Convenient way to fetch “Sim Details”

Pak sim info serves as a versatile resource offered by “live-tracker.net” to fulfill to diverse needs relevant to sim owner details. It allows users to effortlessly retrieve sim information related to any mobile number registered within Pakistan. The platform offers a range of tools, such as Sim owner details, CNIC information system, live tracker, and more. By using Pak Sim Info, individuals can conveniently access information about any individual using their mobile number or CNIC.
Therefore, It is important to note that the mobile number in question must be registered through the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Pak Sim Data exclusively extends its services to Pakistani mobile numbers across all cities
What assistance can you get from Pak Sim Info by “live-tracker.net”? If you require sim owner details for an unfamiliar mobile number, Pak Sim info stands out as the optimal solution on all fronts. Our platform hosts a robust search engine for Pak Sim Info, boasting an extensive directory comprising millions of numbers, each listing their respective details provided by Pakistani citizens.
However, endorsed by Pakistani governmental authorities, our database ensures access to the most up-to-date information available. In addition to the Pak Sim Info tool, our platform offers various other tools for retrieving information from diverse sources. Hence, accessing information through Pak Sim Info is both straightforward and comprehensive method for users.

Additional Key features of “Pak Sim info”

Pak Sim info presents an array of additional features to enhance user experience. With just a device (be it a laptop or mobile phone) and an internet connection, individuals can access our website, live-tracker.net, to get sim owner details. Our services effectively integrate with all network operations prevalent in Pakistan, including Zong, Ufone, Telenor, and Jazz.
Here are some key features offered by Pak Sim Data:

Device Compatibility

Our sim database online supports all devices, whether it is a PC, laptop, Android, or Apple device. Regardless of the operating system or device version, our tools function smoothly, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Location Tracking (live tracker)

Utilize our live tracker tool to pinpoint the location of a Pak Sim Info using either their mobile number or CNIC. Designed with users' needs in mind, Pak Sim Data ensures ease of use and accessibility.

Number Details Lookup| sim information system

Easily retrieve number details associated with any Pakistani mobile number using our sim owner's detail tool. Pak Sim Data's user-friendly system requires no stringent guidelines, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
CNIC Information Check: Verify the information of individuals by using their CNIC. At some point in life, everyone encounters challenges related to unknown numbers or falls victim to fraudulent callers. Therefore, we have developed a system that assists in retrieving information against such numbers, free of charge.

Foundation of Pak Sim info

With the surge in mobile technology usage post-2000s, the necessity arose for a system to track sim card misuse and curb illegal activities facilitated by sims. In response, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) initiated the development of a database system to meticulously record sim owner details, enabling efficient tracking when required.
Consequently, Pak Sim info by “live-tracker.net” emerged, establishing itself to aid individuals in resolving their issues. PTA also implemented restrictions on the issuance of multiple sims against a single CNIC. Additionally, individuals can utilize Pak Sim info to ascertain the number of sims activated under their CNIC

How to stop annoying callers| with our Pak Sim Info

Are you tired of receiving calls from unknown numbers on your mobile phone? Look no further than our Pak Sim Info tool, where you can swiftly explore number details about any unknown caller within seconds, all from the comfort of your home.
Our “Pak Sim info” offers solutions to a myriad of problems through its array of helpful tools for searching. Simply enter the 11-digit mobile number into our search bar using “sim information system”, and you will receive information promptly. Whether you need location details or other relevant information, Pak Sim Data assists you in unveiling the identities of those unknown callers, ending that vexing phase.

Procedure to retrieve Number Details by Pak Sim Info

No training is necessary to using our “sim database online. Simply follow these straightforward steps to explore details for the desired mobile number:

  • Visit our website “live-tracker.net”.
  • Click on the "sim information system" option to fetch sim owner details.
  • Enter the mobile number for which you wish to retrieve number details.
  • Instantly, results will appear on the screen, revealing information such as the name of the sim owner, address, CNIC, and more.

Pak Sim info offers an invaluable tool for citizens seeking to access and track information associated with sim cards registered in Pakistan. Our sim information system is designed to be exceptionally user-friendly, requiring no technical expertise to navigate through our online Pak sim database. Simply input a mobile number or CNIC card number, and our tool will promptly furnish you with all the requisite sim details. Our sim information system provides users with the following details:

  • Name of the sim cardholder
  • CNIC card number of the sim owner
  • Precise address of the sim card owner
  • MNO (mobile network operator) of the sim card
  • Status of the sim card, indicating whether it is activated or deactivated

This streamlined process empowers users to efficiently gather essential sim ownership information, contributing to enhanced security and convenience.


In summary, when it comes to checking Pak Sim Info, emerges as the most suitable choice to easily get sim details. Offering a range of search tools such as live tracker, sim owner detail, CNIC information system, and Pak Sim info, all available free of charge from any city in Pakistan. Our commitment to accuracy is reflected in our sim database, which is securely authorized by PTA services, ensuring up-to-date and reliable information for Pakistani citizens.
While there may be alternative methods for obtaining details, it is important to prioritize data safety. Pak Sim Data prioritizes the protection of user data entered on our website when utilizing our tools. With our dedicated policy safeguarding user rights, users can rest assured that their information is secure. However, it is imperative to use our tools responsibly, solely for retrieving information and not for engaging in any illegal activities.