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Looking to explore a way to fetch “sim owner details” of an unfamiliar number on your phone? Tired of annoying calls? Look no further than “live-tracker.net”. Our platform provides a trustworthy and user-friendly solution, free of charge. Our SIM database online facilitates searches for any number registered with the PTA across Pakistan. Compatible with all major network providers including Jazz, Telenor, Ufone, Warid, and Zong, our service ensures accessibility and reliability.
What kind of sim information can you uncover with Pak data? If you are seeking to identify unknown numbers or gather sim owner information, Pak Data is your go-to resource to fetch sim owner details. Offering top-notch search engine services, it enables you to retrieve details of registered numbers efficiently.
Moreover, with the added feature of "Live Tracker," you can even pinpoint the location of the individual. Pak Data stands out as a specialized and highly recommended online platform for tracking numbers and verifying ownership details. In essence, it serves as the ultimate power tool, offering versatile solutions for various needs.
What sort of sim information does Pak Data offer? Our comprehensive sim database online encompasses detailed ownership information, streamlining searches for Pakistani citizens across various scenarios. Simply enter a mobile number or CNIC number into the search bar for “sim information system”, and within moments, you'll receive the sim owner details you seek. This data includes the name of the sim cardholder, their address, and CNIC details. Our system seamlessly accommodates all devices, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.
Furthermore, we prioritize simplicity in our sim database online, ensuring accessibility for all without any barriers. With a user-friendly interface, our platform facilitates effortless navigation and swift access to our services.

Additional services offered by Pak Data:

  • CNIC Information system: Alongside tracking unknown numbers, we offer CNIC information services, enabling users to gather comprehensive details associated with Pakistani national identity cards.
  • Live Tracker Number Database: Our platform includes a live tracker number database, allowing users to pinpoint the real-time location of phone numbers within Pakistan.
  • Sim Information System: In addition to sim owner details, our system provides comprehensive sim information, facilitating various inquiries related to mobile network subscriptions.
  • Sim Owner Details: We maintain an extensive database of sim owners, offering a reliable resource for verifying ownership details associated with mobile numbers.

Our online powerhouse provides these services, delivering uninterrupted assistance throughout the country. Whether you're dealing with suspicious callers or require information related to CNICs, live tracking, or sim ownership, Pak Data serves as your all-in-one solution
Why was an SIM database online necessary? As digital technology advanced, so did the risks associated with SIM card fraud and misuse of mobile phones. Consequently, there arose a pressing need to implement a system to curb the proliferation of SIM card-related crimes and illegal activities. In response, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) established an online directory of SIM databases, mandating that every citizen register their SIM cards under their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) details. This initiative was launched in the early 2000s to address the rising concerns surrounding the misuse of SIMs and the exploitation of mobile numbers in criminal activities.
Moreover, our “Pak Data” operates through a sophisticated system designed to retrieve sim owner details using either a mobile number or a CNIC number. This service is accessible to all Pakistani citizens, free of charge. Our platform allows users to input either a mobile number or a CNIC number into our online sim database. Developed by our team of IT professionals and verified by the PTA, our algorithmic sim database ensures accuracy and reliability.
Moreover, users can also access information regarding the number of sim cards issued against their CNIC number, enabling them to detect any potential fraud or identity theft. This functionality is particularly beneficial for businesses, allowing them to verify the details of their employees through the online sim database without incurring any costs.
One of the standout features of Pak Data is its commitment to regularly updating the system. This ensures that our users have access to the most current data regarding sim ownership information, enhancing the effectiveness and reliability of our service.

Pros of using “Pak Data”

Pak Data stands out as the premier online platform for tracking and tracing sim owner details, offering numerous advantages:

Accessibility for All

Our platform ensures that everyone can easily access the latest sim database online for ownership details. We store up-to-date and authentic information for all sim numbers registered by the PTA-approved system, providing users with the name of the sim's owner, their valid address, and CNIC number. Regular efforts to refresh our database guarantee that users can access the most recent information effortlessly.

User-Friendly Interface

We have designed our search engine to be user-friendly, considering the literacy rate of our citizens. Users can conveniently utilize our info tools, such as sim information, CNIC system information, or live tracker tools, without encountering any complexities.

Cost-Free Services

All of our info tool services are offered free of charge. Users simply need a device and an internet connection to achieve their desired results within seconds.

Multiple Services

Pak Data serves as a versatile tool, offering various services. Users can retrieve information about sim owners by using either CNIC or mobile numbers.

Business Relations

Our platform provides excellent business services, allowing users to cross-check client data, workers, or employees and maintain their records through Pak Data.

Security Assurance

Pak Sim Data prioritizes the safety and protection rights of our users. We assure that user records are kept safe and encrypted, ensuring peace of mind for all users.


In conclusion, Pak Data offers a user-friendly website(live-tracekr.net) aimed at enabling Pakistani citizens to track sim owner details at no cost. Users can access information only for registered sims through PTA within Pakistan. The platform serves as a one-stop destination for multiple services catering to various needs and applications.